• Tim Woodard’s legal life in Morristown, TN

  • Posted on December 20, 2018
  • Hailing from eastern Tennessee, and a current resident of Morristown, TN, Tim Woodard gained a significant education before diving into the legal profession. Woodard earned an Associate of Science degree in history and a Bachelor of Science in business administration before gaining his Juris Doctorate. Thereafter, he began work within the field of law. He served in the career within a variety of roles, gaining extensive experience among a law office setting. As a judicial clerk and law liaison, and more, Woodard worked within legal marketing and contract negotiations in addition to settling a variety of cases. This learned professional also conducted ghostwriting for appellate court cases and portfolio management during his time in the legal field.

    But Woodard’s resume is otherwise diverse beyond law, including human resources and work within athletics. Tim Woodard has owned his own business as well. Above all else in his work, Woodard has placed integrity, consistency and loyalty at the top of his demands for self, no matter his occupation.

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