• The Career of Tim Woodard, Morristown, TN

  • Posted on September 15, 2018
  • Over long and extensive experience in the legal field, Tim Woodard, Morristown, TN mediator, has done almost everything. He has settled many cases, but he also has been a judicial clerk for a time. If that’s not impressive enough, he also has negotiated many contracts. However, one thing that makes him unique comes from his extensive experience in the world of legal marketing. Tim Woodard also has been a ghost writer on many appellate court briefs, he has managed many portfolios and he has also gained valuable experience in the area of Human Resources from his time as a business owner and as a business manager for many of the area’s most successful business leaders.

    Of course, everything began with Tim Woodard’s humble roots, when he was born in the gorgeous but very simple and poor Appalachian Mountains in East Tennessee. He has not only never forgotten where he came from, but he even returned to Morristown, TN, when he felt the community was in need of his legal skills. Tim Woodard of Morristown, TN, is now a highly knowledgeable and experienced mediator of some note, although he has a keen understanding of the importance of his blue collar work ethic, which infuses everything he does.

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